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What is the Ezra Protocol and Debra Elkins Fatty Liver Bible

June 22nd, 2022

The Ezra Protocol is a holistic, multidimensional, 5-Step plan for reversing fatty liver disease and obesity. Or to put it more simply, The Ezra Protocol it is the critical 5 steps you need to take, each step being in balance with all the elements of your body to reduce your fatty liver and its bad effects on you.

It utilizes the vast knowledge and experience of Jacob Ezra and is based on the work of Dr Alfred Pischinger, has over 27 years research, trials, testing and the proven treatment of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Debra Elkin

Debra Elkin, author of the Fatty Liver Bible

Debra Elkin’s, an ex fatty liver sufferer and now a champion for healthy liver, wraps the Ezra Protocol into The Fatty Liver Bible, a 160 page plus guide that explains the whole process of how a fatty liver forms, the symptoms it shows, how to reverse the process and everything in between. A fatty liver can lead to numerous health problems, but it is not treatable by surgery, so the Fatty Liver Bible is probably the single most important health book you can ever read.

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Most people do not know they have a liver problem, and simply live with the symptoms, just accepting them as part of getting older.
Symptoms like:

  • Overweight, yet you have a ‘reasonable’ diet
  • Back pain
  • Feeling tired and weak
  • Abdominal pain or lower torso pain
  • Sometimes lose appetite for no reason
  • Occasional yellowish skin

In almost all cases, if you had taken action to prevent the build up of a fatty liver, these symptoms would never have occurred and you would feel 20 years younger than you do now.

How did it get like this?
The liver does not have enough nerve endings to raise a pain alarm. So the only pains you get are consequences of a fatty liver. That is why you hear of so many people who thought they were fine suddenly needing a liver transplant. The effects that built up a fatty liver are reversible and If you act now you can reduce and then remove the fat from your liver. Surgery cannot do this, only a structured plan like the Ezra Protocol can make the simple life changes that will make a massive change in your health. It is too easy to focus on the symptoms and try to fix each one by masking it with drugs etc, without stopping to think of the real root cause.

The Ezra Protocol explains clearly what food products works together to reduce fatty liver disease and which work against the liver. You are always told to have a balanced healthy diet, but often this is based solely on calories and vitamins and not on what is needed for good health.
It is only in the last 20 years or so that it is possible to go to almost any food store and buy any meat, vegetable or fruit you want. Previous generations had a balanced diet based on seasonal produce; now most people don’t even know that vegetables and fruit have a season. You can mix anything you like now and your body is suffering from it. The Ezra Protocol explains what you can eat that is in balance with your health and your liver. You would be blown away by some of the foods that do you nothing but harm yet are viewed as ‘healthy’, simply by when you eat them and what other food you eat them with.

Doctors are often too busy to sit down and discuss lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation etc with you, so if you go to a Doctor saying you have a back pain that’s what they will treat you for. Can you imagine how good you could feel again if you removed all the symptoms that your fatty liver is giving you? Given what you read here and read in Debra Elkin’s Fatty Liver Bible and with the Ezra Protocol you now have a choice and a guide to help you restore your liver to its full health.

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